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Chapter 4


Mass Communication is the transmission of messages from a sender to a large amount of people through various types of media, eg: newspapers, television etc.
the medium has to have the ability to reach a large audience. Feedback will be indirect because the recipients’ reactions are not observed in real time.


The most important message is at the top of the inverted pyramid followed by the supporting content. This allows reader to gain a firm understanding of the most relevant facts, even if they stop reading before the end of the article. 

LATCH is a model for organizing information. 1 Location 2 alphabet 3 Time 4 Categories 5 Hierarchy

Chapter 3

The goal of any information design is to communicate a specific message to the end user in a way that it is CLEAR, ACCESSIBLE and EASY TO UNDERSTAND. 

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Chapter 2


The history of information design tells us why we needed info graphic in our life. From the beginning, it was used by caveman to recored significant even, pass on messages from generation to generation or contact a spirit. Thus, they were able to share their experience, ideas, belief and exchange information. This also help us study the history of the past. 

William Playfair believed that the visualization of data was, in some cases, easier to understand than the written word.

Neurath believed that “words make division, pictures make connections.” and that information should be accessible, regardless of education or cultural background.

Into to info - Section 1


Raw datas are everywhere and they are all around us but how can we make use of these datas ? The answer is by using powerful “Information Graphic Design”. Information graphic design helps us understand the messages of the data easily and clearly. It is the transformation of a raw data into a useful and meaningful information. A good information graphic design is easy to understand, very clear, accessible and comprehensive. Information design does not only help us to understand the messages in the data but it also tells us the trend and the series of events that happened in the past. Furthermore, we can also predict the future just by looking at a good information graphic design.